Saturday, February 27, 2010

viva las vegas

totally unrelated to this blog, but i had to post it, it's terrifically funny:
A note on Las Vegas nomenclature: It’s gaming, not gambling. Gambling is a foolish activity that can only end in tears. Gaming is harmless entertainment. Please keep them straight.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

in nihonmachi

the sense of and for aesthetics in japanese life and culture is amazing and quite unique! i developed a great admiration for this aspect of japanese life and history. being exposed and studying it helped me develope my own perception and thinking with the consecutive translation into actual work, see also formbureau.
one thinks of architecture, graphic art, etc., but where japanese also excel is pop culture resp. subpop culture (or whatever you want to call it), in this case motorcycles!
the bike scene over there is amazing! you can check it out e.g. in magazines like DicE.
anyway, now you might see where i'm headed ...
btw, it's in japantown, just around the corner where i live.
showing off the new saddle; it's an old sprung cop seat which i reshaped and upholstered in brown leather. also dyed the saddle bags in a (almost) matching tone.

to the point

slowly but steadily it will get where i want it to be...
changes come gradually, can you tell the difference?